Free Motion P25 Battery Pack for Power Recliners

  • Decorate with ease. Float your reclining furniture in the middle of the room or anywhere you like without being confined by the proximity of an electrical outlet. Power up. With 2500 mAh, FreeMotion’s P25 battery powers up to 2 modular pieces and up to 6 motors. This model is ideal for powering a recliner, sofa or loveseat.
  • This product is not compatible with recliners or motion furniture featuring USB ports, LED lights, speakers, etc., without a smart switch or ON/OFF switch managing the USB power draw. With compatible motion furniture you may recharge while using. FreeMotion’s unique technology and proprietary software lets power safely flow in and out of the battery at the same time so you can recharge it while you’re using it. A complete recharge takes 6-7 hours.
  • Relax longer. FreeMotion’s P25 battery offers up to 450 single-motor cycles on a full charge—making it 25% more powerful than comparable batteries, so you can go longer before recharging. *Note, estimates do not include additional USB or similar functions that draw from the battery. Full number of cycles may vary based on weight capacity and recliner manufacturer.
  • Feel safe. FreeMotion batteries have received prestigious UL MH60644-recognition and have been certified to be safe in independent testing. Cordless battery packs also help reduce the potential tripping hazards posed by exposed cords.
  • Plug in and relax. Compatible with most major recliner brands, the FreeMotion battery connects to a recliner using a standard two-prong, flat-round pin connector. It’s easy to install and simple to use.